Exchange Your Pictures For A £5 Voucher!

Hi there! Are you interested in getting a £5 discount on your next Armed With Honour purchase? Well good news for you then! If you have bought any of our apparel before then all you need to do is send us a photo of yourself wearing one of our products and we will reward you with a £5 voucher that you can use anytime you wish! 

We love to see our customers wearing our apparel proudly so show us your favourite places to rock our gear and we'll put them up on our Facebook or Instagram page! 
P.S. Don't worry you absolutely don't need to have a fancy camera in order to send us your pictures, a simple phone picture will do just fine!

Now all you have to do is simply submit your photos via a private message directly to our Facebook page right here: 

Looking forward to seeing your awesome pictures!


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